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Why do you need an interior designer

17 Nov 20

What do interior designers do and why do you need one?  

We spend most of our life inside spaces. Having a well-designed room, from its structural flow to the quality of furniture you sit on, its ergonomics, how light passes through it and what sort of storage solutions you have in place, all help to improves one’s quality of life. 


When you hire an experienced designer, they will have the spatial knowledge to work with your home as it is. As well as being colour and materials literate to give advice on any extension work, they are capable of drafting lighting and electrical plans for planned furniture placemets that your builder will be able to understand.  




“I think a designer can bring a fresh perspective, seeing your space through fresh eyes. To re design spaces, knock down walls to open or close an area to create a feeling of comfort and cosiness” 


We always choose the initial meeting with clients in their home to go through expectations and brief. This really gives us idea how the client uses their home or how they would like to use the space. We bring moods boards and colour ideas so we have a list of likes and dislikes. This helps get a better idea of a client’s style.  



Gillian : 

“I think you should call in an Interior designer when you fall out of love with your home. They should offer new ideas and open your eyes to its possibility, to make a space specific to your needs. The most value is in the ideas they offer.  

For example, 

Empty nesters do not need as many room’s so we would look to join rooms together. A dining-cum-reading nook could replace the children’s play area, a place where they could now stretch out and read the newspaper. Or, how about changing a box room, into a luxurious walk-in wardrobe? Suddenly, you have a home that has been designed to the current needs of the homeowners without big structural changes. 


You need to fully understand a client’s lifestyle to tailor a scheme to their needs, by asking a lot of questions, some of a rather personal nature, like asking the parents of one child if they plan to have more, for this will impact on the number of bedrooms the family needs. 

It’s also important to meet both halves of a couple to ensure both parties preferences are factored in.  


A great introduction to how interior designers work is to have one come and do your paint colours for you. It’s a smart move for a new colour palette can transform a home” 



“The colours in art and soft furnishings already in situ are a good indication of the colours the potential client already likes. Tricks like painting one less naturally lit wall a lighter shade to the rest of the room will lift it.” 

People have a fear of paint but it’s not permanent. 


“Paints are a very affordable way of fashioning up a space if you’re planning on putting it up for sale. Hiring an interior designer should save you time and/or money in the long haul.”  

An interior designer will be able to supply products and materials that work with your space. They will also have the works executed by trusted tradespeople. 


It’s always important to establish a budget. You can employ per hour, per room or on a percentage of the entire project.  That way our customers can feel comfortable going forward.  

A contract is also vital. “It should signal involvement, and what’s been agreed.” 


In short: Employing an interior designer will reduce the stress levels, save you time, make sure the project comes in on budget and to deadline, and most importantly give you the home of your dreams!”