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How to make a Christmas wreath

30 Nov 19

It’s the most wonderful occasion of the year. The perfect time to be with loved ones and catch-up with friends, and where better to start getting in the festive season than by decorating your home. Let’s face it, decorating doesn’t have to be just about the children – adults can it enjoy it too!

Set the tone for your home and don’t forget a wreath on the door. Remember, this is probably going to be the first thing your guests will see when they arrive at your home. So, it’s worth spending the time on this and getting it right. Rather than buying a wreath in the shops, think about making your own. Not only is it cost effective but also think about the satisfaction that you get from creating your own!

For this reason, we arranged a Christmas Wreath making night for some friends to get involved in learning the process, while enjoying a glass of bubbles or two!!

Gillian Victoria Interiors have put together a step by step guide so you too can create the perfect wreath for your door. We managed to make some beautiful wreaths for under £5 sourcing foliage from the garden and decorations from Hobbycraft. But you can be as creative as you like – introduce a theme or colour that may be specific to your home or your family.

First things first. Get out there and start cutting some foliage from the garden. If you want to make a wreath for the dining table or indoors make sure you choose some foliage with a Christmas fragrance. Some evergreen concolor fir smells of citrus, while the Balsam fir has a more pine forest scent to it. For your wreath, use these firs alongside any evergreen that you find eye catching.

Lay all your foliage out on the table. You will also need to purchase some bendable wire and a wire wreath – the size of this is dependable on the size of the wreath you want to make. The wire wreath costs as little £1 and wires 60p.

Gather as much greenery as you can in one hand and then add a different leaf, with berries or lavender, as an idea, to introduce some contrast. Then using your bendable wire, tie around the bunch in hand. Continue this process making as many of these bunches to go around your wreath.

Then simply add the bunches to your wire wreath using the bendable wire. Once all the bunches are on the wreath the fun bit of decorating can start!

We bought some white painted nut shells and red berries all from Hobbycraft. We also dried some orange peels prior to decorating. They take about 3 hours in the oven on a low heat. This is a good activity to begin with and can be in the oven while the evening is unfolding. Please watch them as they might burn! Once they are ready, they look great bundled together in groups and attached to the wreath using the wire.

For an extra fragrance you can add cinnamon sticks in small groups, tying them together with some nice colourful ribbon or that Christmas red or green velvet. Using the bendable wires to attach to the wreath. You may also choose to add pinecones, or small baubles for extra decoration.

Finally, using a festive ribbon hang on the front door and admire your work each time you enter your home! Or alternatively, use as a centrepiece on your Christmas table with candles arranged in the middle, and sit back and enjoy the complements from friends and family!