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Curtains and blinds…………Bespoke versus Ready Made?

10 Feb 21

When you need to make a design statement in your home, the windows are the first place that you should turn your attention to. Using the right dressing on your window can contribute greatly in complementing the window and form the basis of a room’s whole look and atmosphere. As an Interior Designer the very last thing we install are the window dressings and then stand back and watch the room being completely transformed!  

Throughout the past year, with people working from home or home schooling, the soft furnishing industry has been thriving. But the differences between ordering online a ready made curtain or blind, to having someone come into your home to show you fabrics and help you design your window dressing, are two different experiences entirely.  

Whilst readymade online curtains are convenient and provide a quick and easy fix to a problem in the short term, to achieve quality and sustainability, and to ensure that they hang properly, then bespoke is the way to go. Often a curtain maker can make, install and turn this around in a just a few weeks. 

In order to achieve the desired effect, it really benefits to arrange for a home consultation with a professional curtain maker or Interior Designer. A professional will be able to come to your home and take an accurate measurement of the window, so you know that they will fit the window perfectly. Ready made curtains come in standard sizes so will not fit the window exactly. 

A curtain maker will be able to offer professional advice on the style of the curtain most suitable for the window to be dressed. Do you know there a several curtain headings? Pencil pleat, triple pleat, pinch pleat, tab top, leading edge (lovely to contrast x2 different colours with) tab top, eyelet, flat curtain, goblet (traditional) and wave for a contemporary look. These all really do make a huge difference to the way the curtains hang and the overall design of the room.   

Another thing to consider is the lining. Do you need the curtains lined, interlined or blackout lining or even a thermal lining? A curtain fitter will be able to look at the window and advise what is most suitable. Remember the type of lining chosen will also affect how the curtains hang. A professional maker may also include weights in the hem to give the curtains the desired look. 

The professional will also have some tricks of the trade, for instance, positioning of the pole to hang high above the window to create an illusion of a higher ceiling or how to use contrasting patterns with the correct light. They will also be able to show you a range of fabrics that they believe will work in the space and help you tailor a design to meet your requirements. 

Remember, curtains are a big investment for most people, so make the sure the process is one that has been given necessary thought and time. 

The best of all about bringing a professional into your home is that there is no end to the possibilities. What about getting matching cushions for your bed or sofa? Who doesn’t love a matching bespoke cushion!!