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A Time for Change

8 Feb 20

Decorating a children’s bedroom – The transition stage!

So, we have all been there, or at some point in the next few years will experience it.

Your little angel says they no longer like pink fairies or blue trains on the walls in their bedrooms, and instead wants the same graffiti wall they have seen in the bedroom of some ‘You Tuber’.

After a shedding a few tears, you accept that it is time for their bedroom to have a ‘grown-up’ makeover. But where do you start. The main objective is to make your teens or tweens space look cool, a place where they want to hang out and bring their friends over. The room also needs to be a practical space with storage, as well as a calm haven where they feel safe and can relax.

Gillian Victoria Interiors have put together some ideas, from past projects and pictures from pinterest that we love, to help you create the perfect room.



Brewers – Sevenoaks
At this stage of your child’s life it is important that you think long term. Choose a colour that will stand the test of time. Picking a neutral colour will act as a blank canvas for adding decorative items.
If however you want to introduce colour or pattern, it is a good idea to limit this to one wall.
The darker blues and grey tones for boys, for example Stiffkey, Hague Blue or Light Blue from Farrow and Ball are on trend colours. Equally light grey, pink or white for girls – Designers Guild Leaden Pink, with a contrasting London Dove work well together.

Source: Pinterest

If they are insistent on some bright colour, add a pop of colour on maybe just one wall, or look to introduce colour elsewhere, such as soft furnishings or accessories.
The use of a wall mural is also a common request among teenagers. These are super trendy and can make a statement. Just remember they can be costly so will possibly be looking at this picture for some time. Choose something that is of interest and won’t date, like a hobby or tree scape.

The New England style is always popular (very Ralph Lauren) It creates a fresh bright look to any boy’s room. You can really experiment with this theme, mixing it up a bit using bright colours including red and oranges not solely sticking to the traditional blue and whites.

Moodboards by Gillian Victoria Interiors


This is the important part of the transition and the component that can also be changed easily over the years.
Try to let your child have some input and shop for them together. It’s a nice idea to include their hobby and display items relevant to this. A deep frame with your child’s first rugby jersey or ballet shoes is a welcome sight on any wall.
If their bedrooms are not in need of a repaint it’s easy to add accessories: Choose a statement wall to wallpaper or add wall stickers, these can peel off and be less costly. Get creative with your child – frame wall art to hang on walls or an make an instagram worthy decorated mirror together.
It’s a good idea to buy the most expensive piece first. For instance, choose colours from the wallpaper to match cushions on the bed or wall art. This will tie the room together.


As your child grows up, they start to seek more independence, and with this comes the need to be in their room more. They will want to start doing homework away from the hub of the kitchen table (and mum’s watchful eye) and set up camp in their bedroom.
It is important to think about the room layout and what you can fit in. Can the room accommodate a desk and lots of storage or shelving for all their clothes, files, folders, sports kits, makeup? If the room is small and a lack of storage is a problem, think about under bed storage.
If you do have space, a desk can be placed under a window to allow for natural light (providing there are not too many distractions outside!) Remember a desk can always double up as a dressing table which can be decorated with a mirror and makeup storage.
In all cases, think about storage, as a child or teenager can never have enough storage space for toys or books. Then there can be no excuse for things be left on the floor!


While you currently can look down on your child now it won’t be long before they are resting their chin on your head. Bear this in mind, if you are going to replace the bed, replace a single bed with a double or even a small double without a foot base. This will then see them through the teenage years and beyond.


Correct lighting is essential in any room particularly the bedroom. Ensure they have adequate work-based lighting on the desk or the correct bulb in the ceiling light. These bulbs need to be a bright to limit eye strain.
In addition, some mood lighting is also important and a nice feature for any bedroom. Plug-in string lights that can be dotted around the room. They provide a tranquil environment for your child when their homework is finished and it’s time to relax.
String lights with pegs are a good investment, as your child can have mood lighting as well as hang pictures of their friends or hobbies.